Serhiy Komisarenko

Serhiy Vasylʹovych Komisarenko (Ukrainian: Сергій Васильович Комісаренко; Russian: Сергей Васильевич Комисаренко) born July 9, 1943 in Ufa, Bashkortostan, USSR is a Ukrainian scientist, politician, and diplomat.

Current occupations: Academician-Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (since 2004); Director, Palladin Institute of Biochemistry (1989-1992 and since 1998); Head, Department of Molecular Immunology, Palladin Institute of Biochemistry (1982-1992, since 1998); Chairman, Commission on Biosafety and Biosecurity at the National Security and Defence Council of   Ukraine (since 2007); President, Ukrainian Biochemical Society (since 1999); President, Ukrainian Biosafety Association (since 2013).

Education: Kyiv Medical Institute with distinction – MD (1960-1966); Department of Mechanics & Mathematics of Kyiv State University (1964-1966); Post graduate course in Biochemistry in the Institute of Biochemistry Kyiv – PhD (1966-1969); Courses on Advanced Immunology in Pasteur Institute in Paris, France (1974-1975); Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics in Kyiv – DSci. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (1989).





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Ambassador of Ukraine - Inauguration of Ukrainian Art Exhibition “Realism and Impressionism from Ukraine”

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Ambassador of Ukraine - Inauguration of Ukrainian Art Exhibition “Realism and Impressionism from Ukraine”

in the presence of HRH Duke of Gloucester.

London, Cork Gallery, November 06, 1995

 It gives me an immense pleasure to address you at this gallery during the private view of the art exhibition “Realism and Impressionism from Ukraine”. As you all will agree this is a rare occasion for the British public to view the works of Ukrainian artists. However, there is a hope that such presentations of Ukrainian art will become frequent events in this country.

I am sure that you will highly evaluate the skills with which the paintings were done, realize that the works displayed here are of high artistic level and use the opportunity to meet artists personally. Here they are…

However, I would also wish each of you to remember that the works represented here at the Gallery in Cork Street are just a small part of the rich heritage of the Ukrainian nation. Now as Ukraine is on its way to the family of European nations, the expansion of cultural exchange has become a matter of high priority for our young state. I do believe that such cultural exchange between Ukraine and Great Britain is destined to be success because it brings our nations together.

This exhibition is organised by the Embassy of Ukraine in conjunction with Danusha Services Limited is serving two noble causes - promoting Ukrainian Art in the United Kingdom and helping the victims of the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine through the charity we established in Great Britain - The Chernobyl Relief Foundation. You may know that   proceeds from the sales of the pictures that will be on the auction this evening will go directly to the charity. I wish to thank all of you for joining us to-night, the artists for their marvellous skills and, certainly, our sponsors (British Gas, Tambrands, JKX Oil & Gas as well as TMR) whose generosity made our exhibition possible.

Next April we shall witness ten years since Chernobyl disaster happened and exactly a year since we launched our charity. And it is great honour and special pleasure for me that this evening, as a year ago, HRH Duke of Gloucester honoured us with his presence. Let me, Sir, thank you very much indeed for your kindness, which reflects, I am sure, your kind attitude to my country.

May I invite you, Sir, to say a few words on this occasion.